Who Are We?

Attitude is everything! Attitude is the way we live, the choices we make. As the movers and shakers of the new world, we reflect our own attitude in what we do, in what we say, and in what we wear.
Welcome to the world of Seventy Seven where we reflect a rise in the willingness to express oneself and to speak up when necessary.
Seventy Seven started in 2019 by Jindal Group, brand idea that developed by intensive study and research to give the society an upgraded sound piece that carries a distinctive style. Starting with a flagship series of 5 wired earphones and 2 wireless earphones, Seventy Seven spent 1 year researching consumer preferences for earphone styles and sound in India.  Offering a variety of styles, the first series consists of names like KPop, Rock n Roll and Infused all of which speak for themselves. 
It promises to woe the audience with its premium quality that is affordable. Designed by sound professions to give extra comfort and dynamic sound experience with 4D sound quality. A compact and premium quality case to go along with every product and an early buyer's advantage of an extensive warranty (6+6 months).
Seventy Seven is offering the attitude and style that people of today desire.
Got attitude?